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Studi Emigrazione – giugno 2005 – n.158

Nr/Anno: 158/2005
Editore: Centro Studi Emigrazione
Autore: Centro Studi Emigrazione
Sintesi volume:

Germany and Italy possess a long common history of migration. It­aly was one ofthe most important countries of origin of immigrants in Germany since the beginning of the “guest worker” recruitment and today Germany is home to the most numerous Italian community in an European country. Both countries were in the past, and still are, linked by a complex migration system. The scope of this introductory article is to provide a summary description of this migration system and its scholarly reflections. The article includes a statistica! overview of migration flows between Italy and Germany, as well as of the Ital­ians living in Germany. This overview is followed by a brief survey and documentation of scholarly research on the topic. More detailed as­pects are not further investigated and the interested reader should see the specific articles of this dossier for further details and analysis.

Paole chiave: Emigrazione, Italia, Germania, statistiche, demografia, popolazione, bibliografia, scuola, sistema scolastico, tedesco, generazionale, economia, imprenditoria, famiglie, integrazione


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