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Studi Emigrazione – giugno 2015 – n.198

Nr/Anno: 198/2015
Editore: Centro Studi Emigrazione
Autore: Centro Studi Emigrazione
Sintesi volume:

Since ancient times, ships of all kind and shapes navigated the seas and the oceans searching for new territories, carrying products and people, making the fortune of some and the ruin of others. Techno-logical progress has allowed the construction of safer and bigger ships, new waterways are created by digging channels between oceans and new shipping routes are explored and open, but the power of the mighty waters remain a force that the seafarers have to face anytime they leave the safety of the harbor.By transporting 90% of all the goods in the world, nowadays the maritime industry plays an essential role in our daily life and in the global economy. From the petrol for our cars to the clothes that we wear and the appliances we use in our offices and houses, the large ma-jority of all the “things” around us is transported by ships. However, with ports built far away from the cities, short turnaround of ships in ports and crewmembers prevented to go ashore, the seafarers have be-come “invisible” and people are generally not aware of the significant contribution of the shipping industry to our life. Moreover, the public tends to be unaware of the challenges, problems and difficulties faced by the persons working behind the scene to keep this indispensable industry afloat in a multifaceted and intricate connection that spans from one side of the globe to the other.

Paole chiave: Marittimi, lavoratori del mare, marinai, salvataggi, migrazioni, Filippine, criminalizzazione, Apostolato del Mare, Stella Maris, rifugiati, Brasile, Oriente, bibbia ebraica, Edmondo De Amicis, Sud America



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