Home International Catholic Migration Congress – n. 12 (Thursday, Sept. 16Th 1954)

International Catholic Migration Congress – n. 12 (Thursday, Sept. 16Th 1954)

Rivista: International Catholic Migration Congress
Nr/Anno: 12/1954
Editore: PAX International Publishing company LTD
Autore: Catholic Institute for social – ecclesiastical research
Sintesi volume:

The purpose of this publication is to give a report on the International Catholic Migration Congress which was held in Breda, the Netherlands, from September 12 to 16, 1954.

Paole chiave: Migrationes, Economic, Right of immigration, Katholiscer Sicht

Thursday, Sept. 16 Th

384 – Presentation to the Resolutions to the Congress Statement on Christian Principles in Migration, REV Edw. Swanstrom

385 – The Relation of Catholic Migration Organizations with Church and State, Msgr. Carlo Bayer

386 – Preparation, Information and Selection of Emigrants, REV. Romero De Lema

387 – Reception, Placement and Integration  of Immigrants, Marc Meunier

388 – Emigration of Regugees, Dr. M. Potulicki

390 – Intra-European Migration, REV. J. RUPP

391 – Financing of International Migration, dr. Walther E Gase

392 – Recommendation on Migration Reserch and Documentation, REV. John O’ Grady

395 – Discussions of Reports adn Resolutions

395 – Dr. J.F. Van Campen

395 – REV. R. Braun

396 – REV. P.J.M.H. Mommersteeg

396 – REV. L.H. Tibesar

397 – Mr. M. R. Meunier

397 – Hochw P. Obergarz

398 – Final Remarks at Breda Congress, Mr. J.J. Norris


400 – Some Remarks on the inquiry into the activities of Catholic Organizations in the field of International Migration, Mr. C.M. Thoen and Dr. J. Godefroy

403 – ANNEX