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Studi Emigrazione 218/2020

Edited by / a cura di Jason Zuidema – Kevin Walker

We are pleased and honoured to be guest-editing this issue of
Studi Emigrazione. Even before we learned that an issue would be
dedicated to our 50th anniversary conference, we were already thankful
for ICMA’s close relationship to the Scalabrinian Congregation
through our many shared members (some of whom have contributed
here), and above all through Fr Bruno Ciceri, the architect of this
conference and an inspiration to many of us, especially those of us
indebted to his advocacy for fishers’ welfare. There were so many excellent,
passionate presentations given on ministry to seafarers, fishers,
and their families in Kaohsiung, and we are very pleased to be
able to publish some of them here for posterity and for sharing with
other ministries to migrants. For those reading who serve migrants in
other ways, we hope that you find these articles on maritime ministry
informative and applicable to your own work.
Grateful as we are for all the wisdom shared in the presentations
here presented as articles, we hope that through the articles
might shine through that which we most valued in this conference,
the fellowship that was felt in the question times after the presentations,
the group excursions, and the conversations over meals. The
conference was an opportunity not only to teach each other and be
taught, but to rejoice in being united in a shared purpose, saying
with the Holy Spirit, «Behold, how good and pleasant it is when
brethren dwell together in unity!» (Psalm 133).
As this psalm shows, being together is not only a pleasure; it is
the basis on which God ordains us to priestly service and gives us God’s blessing. This was well demonstrated in Cardinal Tagle’s keynote
speech, but here as there no amount of demonstration substitutes
for the real thing. Indeed, as Deacon Paul Rosenblum shows,
the work of ministry is very often precisely the working of coming
together with people – listening to them and welcoming them into
our hearts. So we hope not only that you find the articles coming out
of this conference informative and useful, but that you feel in them
the fellowship of being united in service with all of us who were at
the conference, and that you enjoy sharing this fellowship also with
the migrants with whom you work. We are certainly grateful for it,
to all of this issue’s contributors, to the Scalabrinian Congregation,
and to all our colleagues these last 50 years.




Edited by / a cura di Jason Zuidema – Kevin Walker

179 – Editorial – Prefazione
Jason Zuidema, Kevin Walker

182 – Welcome!
Andrew Wright

185 – Welcoming Speech
Archbishop Peter Liu Cheng-Chung

186 – Message
Stella Maris Taiwan

187 – Message
His Holiness Pope Francis

188 – God’s Call to Collaboration and Synodality
Luis Antonio Gokim Cardinal Tagle

198 – Active Listening: Lessons from Mary and Martha
Paul Rosenblum

201 – The Importance of Maritime Ministry’s Service to the Whole Port
Ricardo Rodríguez-Martos

208 – Stronger Together: Lessons from the History of ICMA
Paul Mooney

213 – ICMA and the MLC, 2006: The Value of a Unified Voice
Douglas B. Stevenson

217 – ICMA and Fishers’ Issues: A Conversation

Kevin Walker
230 – Re-writing All Known Rules: How Digitalization is Affecting the
Maritime Industry
Dirk Max Johns

236 – Equipping and Empowering Seafarers Worldwide. Maritime Leadership across Cultures and Seafarers’ Well-being
Rancho Villavicencio

240 – Best Practice for Engaging with the Maritime Industry for
Seafarers’ Welfare. Refocus on our work: Benefit for all?
Toon Van De Sande

Altri articoli
249 – La sostenibilità sociale nel settore della pesca e dell’acquacoltura.
Comunità internazionale e Santa Sede a confronto
Fernando Chica Arellano

257 – Responsabilidad social en las cadenas de valor en el sector de
la pesca. Perspectiva de la Santa Sede
Fernando Chica Arellano
267 – Pope Francis: Mission, Migration, and Christian Spirituality
Stephen Bevans, SVD

295 – Guardianship of unaccompanied migrant minors: the EU migration
system, the international standards on children’s rights, and the case of Spain
Patrizia Rinaldi

320 – Recensioni
329 – Segnalazioni