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Studi Emigrazione 208/2018



 a cura di p. Bruno Ciceri (Dicastery for promoting integral human development)


The main themes of the previous World Congresses of the Apostleship of the Sea always focus on the commercial shipping and its problems, limited time and space was allocated to the fisheries sector. However, as a matter of fact the Apostleship of the Sea globally is been constantly concerned about the situation of fishers often participating in discussions and debates of international organizations (ILO, FAO, etc.). In practical terms, then, the pastoral care of fishers is part of the daily work of many chaplains and volunteers who, along with spiritual and material assistance to seafarers often provide support to fishers and their families.


Introduction, Bruno Ciceri (Dicastery for promoting integral human development)

Message of Pope Francis – No. 367.886 from the Vatican, 21 August 2017, Secretariat of State First Section General Affairs

… Let us be “protectors” of creation, protectors of one another and of the environment, Cardinal Peter Kodwo Turkson (Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development)

Filipino Seafarers and Their Families: Social and Pastoral Considerations, Graziano Battistella, cs ( Scalabrini Migration Center – Manila)

Il traffico di esseri umani nel Magistero della Chiesa e nell’insegnamento di Papa Francesco. Partecipazione sociale e nuove forme di schiavitù, Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo (Pontificia Accademia delle Scienze; Pontificia Accademia delle Scienze Sociali)

Sustainable Development of Traditional Fishery Communities, Sebastian Mathew (International Collective in Support of Fishworkers)

A Commitment to Ecumenism, Jason Zuidema (International Christian Maritime Association)

Los retos en el cuidado de las familias de los pescadores, María Cristina de Castro García (Asociación “Rosa dos Ventos” – Vigo (Pontevedra) ESPAÑA)

Project Report on Taiwanese Fisheries and Protection of Fishermen, Ted Tien-Hsiang (Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture)

A theological reflection of the mission and ministry of AOS to fishers, Fr. Colum Kelly (AOS Chaplain – UK)

Sea Slaves and Scapegoats Adrift at Lawless Seas. The Situation of Myanmar Fishers and the Rohingya People, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo (Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar)

How do you categorize the human rights violations on migrant crews in Korean distant water fishing vessels?, Jongchul Kim (Advocates for public Interest Law – Seoul)

Human Trafficking in Portugal: An Ethnography of Research and Data, Mara Clemente (Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, University Institute of Lisbon)



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