N. 168 - DECEMBER 2007


Calabria and Sicily: Italian Australian Perspectives
edited by G. Rando and G. Turcotte

G. Rando, G. Turcotte

Absence makes the Heart grow fonder. The Relationship with One’s Place of Origin: Expressions and Changes

V. Armanno

In the Shadow of the Volcano

A. Casella

The literature of Nostalgia: the Long Journey

G. Papalia

A Painful Departure: Lyrical Expression of Longing

J. Pugliese

The Other Italies: Geopolitical identities, Racialised Genealogies and Intercultural Stories

G. Rando

Chronotypes of the Countries of Origin and Destination in Calabrian Australian Poetry and Narrative

J. Gatt-Rutter

Writing the Life of a Sicilian Australian. Piero Genevosi’s Sebastiano Pitruzzello: the Man, the Family, the Company

F. Farini, V. Iervese

The COMICS Project: Meaning and Practice of Participation among Young Immigrants in Modena

G. Errichiello

The role of the mosque in immigration. Field research in the Caserta area

G. Scalettaris

Senegalese Immigrants and the housing issue in Udine. An empirical study

F. Piperno

The other face of our care giving system: the drainage of care giving workers in their country of origin. The Rumanian case

F. Pittau, A. Ricci

Assisted repatriation of immigrants: the Italian case

P. Scevi

The crime of abetting illegal migrations

M. Sanfilippo

Parishes and Immigration in the United States

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N. 167 - JULY-SEPTEMBER 2007


Migration Museums
edited by L. Prencipe

L. Prencipe

Migration museums. Current situations and future projects

Migration Museums in the World

Tradotto e adattato dal sito web
L. Prencipe

The National Museum of Immigration, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A.M. da Costa Leităo Vieira

The Immigrant Memorial Museum, Săo Paulo, Brazil

S. Padmini

The Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Australia. Memories and Moving stories

G. Martini-Piovano

The Italian Australian experience in the collection of the Italian Historical Society-CO.AS.IT.

J. Petersen

The Migration Heritage Centre (MHC), State of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

C.-A. Smith

Pier 21: The Gateway to Canada for Thousands of Italian Immigrants

Tradotto e adattato dal sito web
A. Lovatin

The Ellis Island Museum, New York, United States of America

Tradotto e adattato dal sito web
A. Lovatin

The Italian American Museum, New York, United States of America

M. Ben-Porat

The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center, Or-Yehuda, Israel. Chronicles of Babylonian Jewry

Migration Museums in Europe

M.B. Rocha-Trindade, M. Monteiro

The Museum of Migrants and Communities, Fafe, Portugal

I. Boj

The Museum of the History of Migration of Catalonia (MhiC), Barcelona, Spain

M. Fernández Santiago

The Archives of the Galega Migration (AEG) Santiago de Compostela, Spain

A. Arquez-Roth

The Cité Nationale of the History of Immigration, Paris, France

Tradotto e adattato dal sito web
M. Guidotti

The Migrations Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

Tradotto e adattato dal sito web
M. Sanfilippo

The DOMiT (Dokumentationszentrum und Museum über die Migration), Köln, Germany

Tradotto e adattato dal sito web
M. Sanfilippo

The Danish Immigration Museum, Farum, Denmark

Tradotto e adattato dal sito web
M. Sanfilippo

The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Ottestad, Norway

M. Benito

The Immigrant-institute Museum, Borĺs, Sweden

N. Ugolini

The Museum of the Migrant, Republic of San Marino

P. de Guchteneire, M. Severo, C. Rouah

The Migration Museum Initiative

Migration Museums in Italy

M. Saija

Il Museo dell’emigrazione eoliana, Salina (ME)

M. Stampa Barracco

Il Museo narrante dell’Emigrazione, La Nave della Sila - Parco Old Calabria, Camigliatello Silano (CS)

F. Vallone

Il Museo dell’Emigrazione “G.B. Scalabrini”, Francavilla Angitola (VV)

S. D'Amaro, M. Coco

Il Centro di documentazione sulla storia e la letteratura dell’emigrazione della Capitanata (FG)

N. Lombardi

Il Centro di Studi sui Molisani nel mondo (CB)

G. Ruscitti

Il Museo dell’Emigrazione, Cansano (AQ)

C. Monacelli

Il Museo Regionale dell’Emigrazione Pietro Conti, Gualdo Tadino (PG)

F. Durante

Il Museo dell’Immacolatella vecchia, Napoli

M.R. Ostuni, P.L. Biagioni

Fondazione Paolo Cresci per la Storia dell’Emigrazione Italiana (LU)

S. Battaglia

Il Museo dell’Emigrazione della Gente di Toscana (MS)

P. TAgliasacchi

Il Museo della Figurina di Gesso e dell’Emigrazione (LU)

C. Truffelli

Il Centro di documentazione sull’emigrazione, Bedonia (PR)

F. Capocaccia

Il Centro internazionale di studi sull’emigrazione italiana, Genova

M. Colombino

Il Museo dell’Emigrazione Piemontesi nel mondo, Frossasco (TO)

M. Tirabassi

Il Centro di documentazione Fondazione Agnelli - Altreitalie, Torino

M. Colucci

History or memory? Italian migration a subject of historical research, public domain, and cultural phenomenon

E. Franzina

From Museums to “The Museum”: Migration and History in Italy

P. Corti

Photography and Museums of Migration

M. Tirabassi

Virtual and real migration museums

P. Clemente

The Souls of Migrants. Migration and the demo-ethno-anthropological Italian museums

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N. 166 - APRIL-JUNE 2007


Post-migration "Italo-Canada"
edited by S. Cancian and B. Ramirez

S. Cancian, B. Ramirez

Post-migration "Italo-Canada": new perspectives on its past, present, and future

G. Scardellato

A century and more of Toronto Italia in College Street Little Italy

A. Carlevaris

Italian artists in Quebec, some methodological considerations

S. Cancian

Intersecting labour and social networks across cities and borders

M. Maccari-Clayton

From "watchdog" to "salesman": Italian re-emigration from Belgium to Canada after the Second World War

B. Ramirez

Decline, death, and revival of "Little Italies": the Canadian and U.S. experiences compared

J. Vizmuller-Zocco

Language, ethnicity, post-modernity: the Italian Canadian case

W. Anselmi

Italian Canadian as displacement poetics: context, history, and literary production

S. Cancian, B. Ramirez

Expo for Italian-Canadians

P. Franco

The right of Third Countries citizens to family reunification. Observations on how the Italian law reflects the European policy about families

A. Tramelli

Some Religious Congregations of Sisters, and the Italian Immigration to Buenos Aires (1870-1915)

J. Rainhorn

Family ties and community relationships in two «Little Italies». A comparison between Paris and New York (1880-1930)

J. Leman, S. Janssens

Travel agencies as a linking element for human smuggling and trafficking from Eastern Europe

A. Raluca Torre

Italians in Romania: ethnography of a village in Dobrugia

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N. 165 - MARCH 2007


L. Prencipe

Migrants, builders of society. Different memberships, one city

S. Zamagni

A critical examination of migration and economic integration policies

M. Sanfilippo

Migrations in Rome between the modern and contemporary time

M. Ambrosini

Immigrants and religion: a factor of integration or of insurmountable opposition?

Dossier: Intercultural mediation and its forms: contexts, experiences and proposals
edited by M. Fiorucci

1. Intercultural communication and literary mediation

D. Santarone

Literary mediation and European vision of the Orient: The India of Moravia and Pasolini

I. Scego

Other people tastes: a look at the food of the immigrants. Cultural mediation in your dish

2. Limits, experiences and proposals for a language-cultural mediation in Italy

M. Fiorucci

The training of mediators: indications and proposals

A. Belpiede

Training for the social professions of proximity: street intercultural mediators. The Turin experience

M. Castiglioni

The role of the linguistic-cultural mediator in a project of community promotion of health

A. Morrone, A. Sannella

Health, immigration and cultural mediation

G. Favaro

Linguistic-cultural mediators in the schools

L. Prencipe

Italian Societies in the world: an evolving reality not to be underrated

R. Giuliani

Italian societies abroad and the role of CNE (National Consultation of Emigrants)

L. Garavini

Regional migration policies. A comparative analysis of the consultations

F. Cristaldi, G. Lucchini

The Chinese in Rome: a community of restaurant workers and tradesmen

A. Tagliavia

Professional training of immigrants: problems and operative potential

F. Pittau

A pension for the immigrants residing in Italy? A forecast for the period 2006-2020

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