N. 156 - dECEMBER 2004


High skilled migrations: opportunity and brain drain
edited by
S. Avveduto, M.C. Brandi and E. Todisco


M.C. Brandi

The history of brain drain

S. Avveduto, M.C. Brandi

The high qualified migrations in Italy

E. Todisco, F. Cristaldi,
C. C
ariani, G. Tattolo

Skilled migration: a gender perspective. The case of Italian migrant women in Switzerland

M.C. Brandi, L. Cerbara

Foreign researchers in Italy: push and pull factors

S. Avveduto

The mobility of high-qualified migrants in Europe, Canada and
the United States

C. Bonifazi

Skilled migrations in Australia during the Nineties

S. Boffo, F. Di Pietro

The brain drain of scientists and engineers: the French case

P. Dell’Anno

Germany between brain drain and brain gain

J. Peixoto

Immigration of highly qualified workers in Portugal

M.C. Brandi

The policies of high skill immigration in receiving countries

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N. 155 - SEPTEMBER 2004


Essays on Italian emigration after World War II
edited by G. Maffioletti and M. Sanfilippo

S. Rinauro

Social research on Italian emigration during the Reconstruction years

M. Sanfilippo, F. Bertagna

Towards a comparative perspective on nazi-fascist emigration after World War II

M. do Rosário Rolfen Salles

Overview of immigration to São Paulo after WW2: the displaced by the war

M. Maccari Clayton

“Communists of the stomach”: Italian migration and international relations in the Cold War era

M. Guerrera

The political engagement of Italian communities in Quebec and in Switzerland between 1945 and 1960: a comparative study

A. Paganoni

Taking the pulse of the Australian Catholic Church in the 1940s and 1950s

M. Rieder

Migration and economy. Italian migration to Western Germany after World War II

P. Borruso

Catholic missions and Italian emigration in France after World War II (1946-53)

B. Bonomo

Historiographic debate on internal migration in Italy after World War II

M.R. Protasi

Emigration from “Ciociaria” from the XIX century to the time after WW2: review of the literature


V. Ongini

“The world in a classroom”. Pupils holding non-Italian citizenship

F. Pittau, A. Spagnolo

Migrant workers and labour accident risk

S. Guglielmi

Foreigners in Switzerland. Public opinion, sentiments and statistics

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N. 154 - JUNE 2004


Discovering Europe. New Migrations from Latin America
edited by L. Queirolo Palmas

L. Queirolo Palmas

Investigating migrations from Latin America

A. D’Angelo

Latin american immigration to Europe and Italy. A statistical and demographic overview

D. La Parra Casado,
M.A. Mateo Pérez

Ecuadorian migration to Spain from the point of view of migrants’ relatives

A. Acosta

Ecuador: economic opportunities and dangers of migration

L. Queirolo Palmas

Beyond double absence. Perceptions on citizenship among Ecuadorian migrants in Genoa

M. Patiño S.,
B. Pesántez

International migration narrated and interpreted by youth in the origin and destination country

C. Germanà

An approach to skilled international migration in Peru

S. Novick

Argentina: still a receiving country? Analysis of recent migratory developments

V. Ferry, P.-D. Galloro,
R. Morales La Mura

Chilean immigration to Lorraine (1973-2004)

E.L.S. Pires, E.S. Sposito,
B. Oliveira, S. Peduti Kahil

Spatial dynamics and new forms of migration from Brazil at the beginning of the XXI century


M. Rampazi

The European citizenship: belonging and solidarity in cosmopolitan perspective

G. Maffioletti

Italians in the USA

E. Pace

The atypical religious pluralism of Italians

A. Perotti

Is catholic religion in Italy becoming the lifebelt of national collective identity?

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N. 153 - MARCH 2004


G. Battistella

The International Convention on the rights of migrants: origins, development and perspectives

R. Baratta

The Convention on the rights of migrant workers in the framework of the Italian law on immigration

F. Vassallo Paleologo

The 1990 UN Convention on the rights of migrant workers, in relation to EU legislative provisions and praxis

B. Nascimbene

Immigration policy and the European Constitution project

F. Viola

The multicultural society as political society

E. Reyneri

Immigration and underground economy in Southern Europe

U. Melotti

Globalisation, migration and political cultures

M. Jandl

The estimation of illegal migration in Europe

F. Pittau, O. Forti

Italy, an immigration country: in between legal and illegal flows

G. Maffioletti,
A. Colaiacomo

Italians abroad. Migratory dynamics and the characteristics of collectivities

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